Photo of Novelist Marilyn Boardman




I'm Leeds born and bred, married with a son and daughter but in fact I didn't fully appreciate my own city until recent years. Through my writing I wanted to let others share the wonderful transformations Leeds has undergone.


My first novel '292 Albion Place' was created and kept me 'sane' whilst flying many times to Düsseldorf as I settled my daughter into her Year Abroad. The trips made me realise how much I actually loved my hometown-there is always a silver lining!


As mystery, crime and spiritual matters have been part of my life for a long time I enjoyed involving my characters in similar situations. I love people, observing and listening, yes I can be a little bit nosey, but life's experiences are interesting.


Both this novel and my next one are set in cafés. My way of relaxing is to have a nice hot drink and a piece of cake whilst watching the world go by. It's an unwritten law of mine and my daughter's that everything must stop for tea and cake at around 3 o'clock! When in Leeds, Albion Place is the place to go.