Seeing is Believing by Marilyn Boardman


292 Albion Place by Marilyn Boardman

 Seeing is Believing


After six weeks special leave of absence from work, Kate Philips’ neat, orderly
life is suddenly blown to smithereens. They say everything comes in threes and
for Kate nursing her beloved Godmother through her last days was only the
beginning. Returning home she finds not only has she been made redundant but her
sports journalist husband has been getting his quarter pounders and dessert from
a blonde bimbo with five stars from McDonalds. Resorting to cake and chocolate,
the baking and eating of being her two cures for all, life takes another jolt
with an unexpected inheritance.

Kate settles into her new life as owner
of Crumbs tearooms in the pretty Yorkshire market town of Wetherby. Hard work,
reaching 30 and divorce don’t faze her but her deceased Godmother Rose does.
Inheriting and running the tearooms is one thing. Rose’s sudden ghostly
twitterings in Kate’s ear and psychic interference leading to Kate’s involvement
in murder and mayhem is quite another.


292 Albion Place


When Nigel and Lorraine take on a new venture little do they realise just how much 292 Albion Place has in store for them. Launching two businesses within the same Victorian building on a street of trendy coffee shops in Leeds isn't so easy. Nigel struggles with his new café 'Hot Stuff!' on the floors below whereas upstairs 'Chic', Lorraine's hairdressing salon, prospers and she expands into beauty therapy. Their working days are far from mundane as 'Hot Stuff!' gets involved in a police stake out whilst 'Chic' salon is plagued by ghostly hauntings. Lorraine however is determined to let nothing stop her future plans. She has a colourful past accepted by Nigel and never spoken of. Secrets have a way of catching up with you, so does the past. Will the activities of a new member of staff threaten to put Lorraine's businesses and private life in jeopardy?


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